APCYS 2021


In this section you will find essential information for your participation such as:,

Extended Abstract : Detailed information about your Project from 1 to 2 pages following the template below

Download the Extended Abstract Format

Poster: The poster must contain the information explained in the Extended Abstract but taking into consideration, esthetic, creativity, how well is the content communicated with the reader.


The Judges will take the following criteria to evaluate each Project during the interviews with the teams:

• Clarity of the problem statement and research question

• Justification of methods and techniques applied by the student(s) in order to solve the problem

• Result and Conclusions

• Style for presenting

Online Payment Guidelines

Through this manual, APCYS 2021 participants will be able to make their registration payments. We strongly recommend that each Team Leader make the payment of all participant(s)/supervisor(s) of its delegation.

Download the Payment Guidelines